In this month I completed exactly two years of remote working, what adventure! To remind me about this in future and also to share with you all I resolve to write about that here.

FEAR, that was the first emotion that I felt when I decide to abandon my last physical work where I was in job for at least 5 (five) years. I was not happy at all but only who pass for something like that knows what I am talking about, it is not easy to change.

Do I have all the skills to make a change? Would I get the same status of my work in another company? Would I have the same stability in another company? And if I lose my job after the change? And if I don’t achieve do the new job that I will be contracted?

FREEDOM, was the first feeling that I felt when I subjugate all those doubts. Why we have so much fear of changes? After reading some books I thought about this for a lot of time and it seems to me that is something that we acquire after youthness, at school we are taught so hard that we need something stable, something to catch us, that we forget about how importantly if sometimes we take risks.

Ohh, the changes! In these two years my whole life changed a lot! I had my first kid, my marriage get even better, my financial life is growing exponencial because now I have the time to study and make investments in market, and I just have to thanks God for all that. I always ask myself: “and if I wouldnt change ten years ago? and if I wouldnt change my last job five years ago too? Would I had the same happiness that I have now?”. Changes are important, you have to make a move sometimes, you need to take risks. You need to make mistakes but you have to fix your life before get old and frustrated.

I mean, I already worked for about 15 (fiveteen) years. So I know how is lose a job, unjustly and justly. It is a type of change too but you don’t decide about that at least almost every time. So I had a sensation of freedom when I choice to quit my stable job to a new adventure that would test my skills.

The first thing that almost everyone asks me when I say that I work in my home is: “How is to work at home? Seems pretty awesome!” and I always answer at this with “Indeed, it is, but it is not too easy as you think.”

  • You have to be organized.
  • You have to motivate yourself everyday.
  • You have to adapt to changes in your company.
  • You need to be sociable with the people you work.
  • You NEED to document all you do and log your hours and your work.
  • And principally, you need to organize your life: do some exercises, organize your food and separate your free time from your job time. Don’t be mad.

Be warned, If you work remote and other people don’t, some changes will happen and sometimes they will forget to consult you, you need to adapt. Some people, like any other job, will had envy or just will try to turn things dificult for you, you have to adapt.

Be trustable, be productive. Don’t bother yourself with little things. Instead, be clever. Work on solutions and be the solutions.

If you do a little half of that perhaps you enjoy working remotely too. Otherwise probably you will get disappointed and be the same you was when you decide change, a person with a lot of fears hidden.

Do you need a change too? Do your soul claims for that?

Start now, put the things you need to do in a paper and after some time, be the change!