Software Engineer and Systems Administrator

Hi! I am a computer geek who loves Linux, Security, Systems and Application Development specially if it contains open source and even better if it is free software, this space is dedicated to my portfolio and blog section. Currently I am working as Senior DevOps Engineer on a very cool startup with amazing guys. I really like travel to all regions of Brazil and the world. I love music [rock, punk, hardcore, reggae], soccer [sport recife, of course!] and strategy games like Poker.

Skills and Technologies

My main background is on Linux / Unix (*BSD/OSX) environments. I can make systems which uses cloud (IaaS) with infrastructure as code (Terraform, Kubernetes, Ansible), (SaaS/PaaS) developing it on web (Node.js / React.js), systems software and GUI Desktop (C / Shell-scripting, Python, Electron, C++) and also on Mobile with Swift and React Native; All that with efficiency and I love to learn almost everything in technology. ;)

I really like work with KVM/LibVirt, Kubernetes, Terraform, Vagrant, Docker, CI; Amazon and Google Cloud; I love to programming in C, Shell Scripting, Node.js, Python and with React Native, PHP, C++; I know very good: SQL; Automated Tests; Application Servers; Information Security; Firewalls, Routers. These are my tech skills: \\[0.25cm]

Familiar With: OpenShift, OpenStack, Github Actions, Jenkins; Windows Azure; Angular, Ionic, React Native; MongoDB, IBM DB2, MSSQL; TypeScript, C++; JBoss, Tomcat; Elastic Search
Proficient: LaTeX; KVM/LibVirt; Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Gitlab CI, Travis-CI, Prometheus, Grafana; Automated Tests, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment; JavaScript, Node.JS, Python, Swift; GIT, GDB, POSIX, Express, Sequelize; PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite; Apache, Nginx, WebSphere; Amazon Cloud (IAM/S3/Route 53/EC2/RDS/Cloud Formation/ECS), Google Cloud (IAM, CloudArmor, GKE, Storage, CloudSQL, VPC, Firewalls, ..); Bare Metal clusters (KubeAdm / MetalLB / Nginx / ...)
Fluent: Linux, C, Shell Script; Problem Determination and Systems Troubleshooting.


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