What’s happening with the IT world? Millions die every day and only one or two that are in the media are important, recently  Steve Jobs died with cancer, yeah its sad, a time ago one friend mine died of cancer too and was too much sad. But wtf ? Every day you see people dying with hungry, without money, with violence, and a lot of sad things too. Why Steve Jobs is so important ?


Some people thinks that is because he made the first PC, I have something to say to you: you all are wrong, read the history! If one man is responsable by make the first usable PC, is Steve Wozniak (partner of Steve Jobs and one of the co-founder of Apple Inc). Ok Mulatinho, but he invented the iPod, the first digital music player and one of the greatest things in modern days, you are wrong again! Perhaps you’re right about the ‘iPod’ name. But look at this link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kane_Kramer) and see who was the first idea of an digital music player. Amazing, right!?

Well, I dont want to dirty the image of Steve Jobs, but he was not the ‘guy’ of all computers, right? He was not God, right? And for me, well, I don’t drank with him, he not gave me an ipad or an macintosh, so he was just an cool guy with cool ideas, okay?

Wake up, millions are dying and the media are making your head with what they think that are true, wake up right? Steve Jobs dont made nothing free, he was paid by his job and with that made his forturne, nothing noble okay?

But not this man who I wanna talk now: Dennis Ritchie, for me an technology lover, Dennis was an super hero! He made millions of things and I will talk only about two that change my whole life, the Unix and the C programming language. Did you understand the difference ? No? Okay, C is one of the most used languages in the world, do you known java? Yeah, it was made in C. Do you like your iPod, iPhone or Macintosh? The whole software of these peripherals is made in C.

Wake up, millions are dying and the media are making your head with what they think that are true history but are just history to sell magazines. If you cry because Justin Bieber is dead but not because millions on Africa are dying everyday you are just a stupid like all these ‘journalists’ of media.

To finish this post, I’d like to honour my super-hero in the world technology, Dennis Richie, go with God and rest in peace:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>

int main(void)
	sleep(60); // one minute in honour of Dennis Ritchie.
	exit(EXIT_SUCCESS); // exited with success on this world.